Before you grab your ladder and boxes of lights, review our list of DOs & DON’TS for hanging holiday lighting strands safely. DO EXAMINE LIGHTS BEFORE HANGING – Return or throw away any holiday lighting sets with cracked or broken sockets, loose connections or frayed or bare wires. DO USE VERIFIED LIGHTING AND APPROPRIATE OUTDOOR OUTLETS TO SUPPORT ELECTRICAL WIRING. DO CONSIDER USING L.E.D LIGHTS OVER INCANDESCENT BULBS. DO ASK FOR HELP – If installed incorrectly, holiday lighting can damage your home. DON’T POWER TOO MANY LIGHTS WITH THE SAME OUTLET OR EXTENSION CORD. DON’T USE STAPLES, TACKS OR NAILS. THEY CAN DAMAGE YOUR ELECTRICAL WIRING. DON’T CONNECT L.E.D AND INCANDESCENT LIGHTS TOGETHER. Avoid frying your electrical wiring.  We want you to stay safe this holiday season. Call us or visit our website to discuss your home insurance needs.

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